Facebook just lost 40 million customers in the Philippines


Facebook's new policy where users have to prove their identity with government issued ID will basically close down Facebook in the Philippines and a number of other third world countries.


My Facebook account was closed 3 days ago. Facebook all of a sudden suspect me of not being me! They ask me to prove that I am me, first with a totally stupid test where they show 5 Facebook pictures and 6 names for each picture and ask me to select the right name.
Then they want a government issued ID scanned and downloaded to Facebook.


WHAT DO THEY THINK THEY ARE? FBI, CIA, IRS or my bank. I don’t have to send my ID for reading and comment a newspaper online, so why should I for reading non journalist checked story’s and mostly advertising on Facebook?

It is unbelievable that big companies like Facebook don’t have a clue about cultures outside the US.

I am a professor and for obvious reasons I am not allowed to be on Facebook, so I used my middle name that my students don’t know. But this was not accepted by Facebook.

Everybody can create as many e-mail accounts as they want. In the Philippines (and many other countries), you can have as many unrestricted SIM cards as you want, they are free, and you only pay for the included load. I did a picture search for ID’s on several search engines and fast had a lot to choose from. So as an experiment I downloaded 10 governments issued ID’s and created 10 new Facebook user accounts. So now I am ready and waiting for Facebook’s ┬áID test.

As consultant for a number of companies, I can no longer recommend Facebook for advertising.

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Updated April 12th 2016


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